Friday, May 13, 2011

A Reflection

May 13, 2011

Well, somehow yesterday's post was lost, along with some comments on the previous one, so I am going to post my Thursday post again. It may end up a double, if they restore things as blogger have said they would. This seems a bit funny now, because we in Denver had two wonderful rainy days on Wednesday & Thursday, hence the poem below. Today is the usual bright, sunny spring day, but the rain was sorely needed & it was wonderful to be inside with rain tapping on the windows. At school, the students seem to enjoy the difference also, even happy to have a chance for quiet worktime, & lunch inside for a change.


Rare rainy day I treasure, so

I pull the quilt closer, and

relax into my thoughts.

In my mind’s eye of a

magnifying glass,

I examine

a favorite part of my life.

With all its complexities,

it’s simply

a gathering of wood pulp,

the binding of paper,

hard, then soft, then hard.

The difference lies in

the symbols

gathered and arranged

—according to

each person’s

experiences in life—

to inform, to persuade, to entertain.

I speak in awe of

these written words,

found within

a book.


  1. So glad you reposted this fine piece. If they restore it on Blogger it will be fine to have it twice! The written word is pretty amazing!

  2. You mentioned you enjoyed Lisa See's books. I have the ARC of her latest book and am not getting into it as I would like. Would you like the book? If so, email me your snail mail and I will ship.


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