Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Brother

May 29, 2011

   Yesterday was my brother's birthday.  We live far away, so I sent a card and a gift, and we called him last night.  He is my only sibling, and special to me.  We're looking forward to a long visit this summer when we return to my home state.  He, his wife, my husband and I love to travel the back roads, looking for terrific little cafes, general stores, and antique shops.  It's just fun to be together and I wish we were closer, but glad we do spend time together as much as possible.  A poem for Jim,

            My Little Brother

                  My brother,
                  my little brother,
                  is sixty-one,
                  director of a band,
                  leader of the church choir,
                  father and grandfather of a household,
                  saver of cats and dogs,
                  really-all manner of living things.
                  He's a grand manager of his life.
                  But all I see is
                  my brother-
                  my little brother


  1. Oh I love this...I have a little brother, too - he will always be that little tyke I played with, taught to read and took care of (even if he's 6 feet tall, a dad and CEO!)...little brothers never grow up!

  2. Wonderful Poem! You seemed to sum him up so nicely. And you are right, Tara--little brothers never grow up!


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