Friday, May 20, 2011

One More Way To Say Goodbye

May 20, 2011

      I've written earlier about my collection of poems that say goodbye, and as we are now living the final days of this school year, I've written another goodbye poem.  This time, all but two of the students I have had in my classroom will be leaving, moving on to high school.  They are special because they hold a place as part of the group of students in my last classroom, and so it's time again to say goodbye.

            Time Rushes In

I can’t believe I’m going to have
to say goodbye to them
Time rushes in.
It seems we just become a family,
get settled in the nest,
and then they fly away to seek new goals,
to fight new fights, to dream other

It’s best to give a little push to help them
It’s best to give only a smile, a simple wave,
but I’ll be sure to ask for a small feather to keep here at my desk,
to help me tuck them in my mind,
to revisit the good times
now and then.


  1. Such a gentle good-bye poem. "I'll be sure to ask for a small feather" is my favorite part.
    The leaving time is hard. In our school we don't just send children to another class or school but many of them go to other countries, sometimes all the way to other continents. I always cry at the leaving ceremony.
    I hope that you shared this poem with your students.

  2. @Terje Leaving for so far away must be doubly hard. At least some of the students come back to see us. I think it's difficult for teachers no matter how it is. Part of what happens at my school is that we have watched many grow up to reach that 'goodbye' stage from age 5 on, & some we have had for two or three years. Best wishes to you on these final days.

  3. That was very thoughtful and thought provoking. I liked the "tuck(ing) them in my mind" part. I must remember to mention to my class that they are my last ones, so will be fondly remembered in a different way. Perhaps it is time for me to write my good bye poem. Thanks for the inspiration. It is lovely.


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