Monday, May 2, 2011

Something To Appreciate

May 2, 2011 At, Tricia talked about different poetry anthologies, including one with rhopalic poems. She defines it like this from a book by Avis Harley, called Fly With Poetry: An ABC of Poetry:
Rhopalic Verse: (from Greek "rhopalon"--a club which is thicker at one end)
Lines in which each successive word has one syllable more than the one before it.


To define,

so many ideas-

branched complexity

each species demonstrates

surprising variety .

Bark displays

rough edges,

smooth symmetry,

and nature’s coloring.

Leaves’ ID

is palmate, parallel, trifoliate

and pinnate.

Leaf colors illustrate

lime, chartreuse, emerald, asparagus.

Trees offer

shade, cover, oxygen,

but mostly

eye candy.

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