Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing Is Hard Work!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011  

          Writing each day gives pause to think about all the writers whose words enthrall me, and whose words daunt, yet inspire too.  Sometimes I can't quite see how the writers keep on.  It's hard work!

children and love
birds of a feather
being alone
seasonal weather

whisper of the wind
good of work and play
special memories
fill me up today

poems to create
from topics listed
challenge to my hand
pencil’s resistive

I’ve written and rhymed
metaphors of thought
figured that poetry
isn’t easily wrought

This time, lain aside
penciled, paper lists
gave up empty words
till ready to persist


  1. You are so right--writing is hard work. I struggle sometimes to come up with any idea to write about. I am always amazed with you--the amount of poetry you compose is crazy! I really admire you for keeping it up! By the way, love the line "gave up empty words". Perfect

  2. My thoughts were about the same on this day! "Pencil's resistive" is certainly an accurate description of writing many days.

  3. It is admirable how you share a beginning thought with your reader and than create a poem to follow it. You say writing is not easy yet you make it look like you just shake a pencil and the poems fall on a paper.
    Thank you for the poems.


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