Monday, May 16, 2011


May 16, 2011

          Closing in on night and that time before full dark is a magical time.   I remember hide and seek games during the time when it was just a little bit scary because shadows were deeper and times when I could sit on the porch, lazily listening to the grown-ups talk as we all finished our days.  Some of this feeling is captured  in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird, that sweet, sweet time before being called home after having such adventures with the neighbor kids after supper.  So I wrote about it, but just a little poem.  It hopefully will bring more specific personal memories of that time to those who read it.

Plump yellow moon on a blanket of stars
spills thin light in the chill
of the night.
With the farewell of dusk,
echoing songs murmur in the air.
The sun has sunk into the mountains,;
 gold edges the rims in a final blast of brightness.
Crickets and robins chatter while
the chilly shadows
‘it is night’.  


  1. And it does bring back those memories--lovely poem. And I love the line, "Crickets and robins chatter while the chilly shadows whisper, it is night"

  2. I love that time of day too in the summertime. I also enjoy the early morning hours, sitting outside with a cup of tea and book before the world wakes up. Enjoy.


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