Saturday, May 21, 2011

When Grandchildren Come To Play

May 21, 2011

When Grandchildren Come To Play

There’s only two that will ever do
when grandchildren come to play.
There’s a box of blocks and a basket of balls
for entertainment all the day.
There are big and wide blocks, round and lean-
blue and red blocks,
yellow ones and green.
The ones that are the biggest make
walls of houses sound.
The ones that make the people
are little ones and round.
(Sometimes the towers grow and grow
until they tumble down.)

And then the basket filled with balls
is picked up for some fun,
and out roll many, many of them
as if they like to run.
We have red ones, orange ones,
stripes and solids too.  
There are hand-sized ones and tiny ones,
plus a huge one that is blue.
They bounce and roll and hide under chairs,
and are always fun to throw downstairs.

I only know I don’t have to go
for other toys at all,
For all it takes for fun and games
are just these blocks and balls.

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  1. Balls and blocks, the staples of childhood! Forget the fancy stuff. I like the growing, tumbling and running of blocks and balls...kind of like the kids. I wonder if that is why they like them so much!


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